Watermelon Artisan Candies



  • Watermelon Artisan Candies
  • Watermelon Artisan Candies
  • Watermelon Artisan Candies

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When Gemma was a little girl she used to love Watermelon. With one hand she would grab the rind, the other hand would hold onto the fruit and she would bite into the watermelon, the juices trickling down her arm. Children don't care how sticky they are, they freely enjoy their foods. But now, you can have that great watermelon taste in these cute Watermelon Candies! Without getting sticky!

Sweet Artisan Candies are made by hand. Each batch will be unique with a slight variation of colours. They are made with Sugar, Light Corn Syrup, Water, Natural and Artificial Oils and Colours. And love, of course!

Each bag contains 6 candies!

If you are looking for larger quantities just email me!  I can fulfill all orders!

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