Hand Dipped S'Mores Chocolate Bar



  • Hand Dipped S'Mores Chocolate Bar
  • Hand Dipped S'Mores Chocolate Bar

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Growing up their was nothing better than roasted marshmallows with melted chocolate between 2 graham crackers, outdoors under the stars.  I have brought some of that back with this S'mores Chocolate Bar.  The Marshmallows are handmade then paired together with a Graham Cracker, hand dipped in Belgium Milk Chocolate.  Chewy, crunchy and delicious!

Ingredients: Belgium Milk Chocolate, Handmade Marshmallows (Sugar, Corn Syrup, Water, Honey, Gelatin, Vanilla), Graham Crackers

Note: If this chocolate is being shipped to a hot climate, there is the possibility of the chocolate melting en-route.  The chocolate will re-harden once in a cool environment, it will still taste good, but may not look as pretty.



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